Announcing Our New Logo!

We are excited to announce our newly designed logo for Joshua Tree Candle Company! The logo pays tribute to the tried and true while sparking a fire of new ambitions for our brand.

As our story goes, we founded Joshua Tree Candle Company with the passion to capture some of the true essences of the desert surroundings. From that bohemian beginning, we have evolved into a full-line, artisanal resource for home fragrance including our new luxury candle collection, JT Luxe; our brand new candle industry concept, My 2 Scents; and our Travel Tin Candles. 

With the addition of these new products, we wanted to streamline our original line to match. We needed a look that brings us together as a whole; something we feel represents us not only for our various candle collections but us as a company as well.

We loved our old logo, but our brand has to make sense with our new lines. We simply outgrew our logo. We felt boxed in. We wanted something versatile and adaptable. We wanted something timeless. So we made a few adjustments. It’s still the same Joshua Tree Candle Company. The same families. The same old friends. But our new logo does a better job at binding where we’ve grown from – and where we will grow to – all while keeping our feet grounded in the place we continue to call home: Joshua Tree.



Sketching out new logo

Desire: Keep the most memorable and recognizable element: our tree. 
The tree is an icon itself. It can be a standalone icon and has been on some of our packaging.

Desire: A centered logo, versatile to fit with our different lines without looking off-balanced or out of place. 
In a previous version of our “JTC” logo, the "J" descended below the baseline creating a vertically off-balanced look. Additionally the "C" was very wide and created a horizontally, off-balanced look.

Desire: Simple yet luxurious.
Over the years, we’ve simplified. We went from “Joshua Tree Candle Co.” to “JTC2” and back to “Joshua Tree Luxe Fragrances” in our packaging and as our logo. We definitely wanted our tree, and spelling out Joshua Tree is redundant. We dropped the “2” to simplify things even more and have happily referred to ourselves as JTC in shorthand.



JTC logo explained


Welcome to our new logo!

Joshua Tree Candle Company logo

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