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Partnerships and Discounts for Airbnb Rentals

We know it’s important to provide your guests with the highest of quality experiences and the best comforts, and our candles are the perfect pairing for that. Our unique scents and versatile look fit in with every decor and setting. That’s why we have set up an Airbnb partnership program to provide you with discounts and options should you either want to gift our candles to guests or make them available to purchase while staying at your accommodation.

If you can meet the criteria below, please fill out the form to get the process started.


  • Must order a minimum of one case.
  • Must provide proof of owning or running an Airbnb to get the discounted Airbnb price.
  • If you are going to sell our candles to guests, you must provide proof of a seller permit and a reseller certificate.
  • If you need to obtain a reseller permit for a California Airbnb, click here to begin that process.
  • If you simply want to gift our candles to your guests, please contact us for a special code to use upon ordering.
  • If you’re in our immediate, local area (Joshua Tree, CA; Yucca Valley, CA; 29 Palms, CA) we can deliver for free or have you pick up. Otherwise, you must pay shipping.
  • You must agree to (at least) one social media post of the candles in your Airbnb including tags or links to Joshua Tree Candle Company, and, although not a requirement, we also ask you to encourage your guests to share their experiences and thoughts on the candles on social media.
  • We encourage you to keep our promotional materials (i.e. business cards) nearby for guests to view/take.
  • If we find you abusing the discounts (i.e. selling our candles when they are supposed to be gifts), you will no longer be able to buy from us.

Airbnb Partnership Application

If you're interested in applying for our Airbnb Partnership and you need to obtain a reseller permit, click here to start that process.