Chaparral Olive Oil Infusion-Desert Rain

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Organic olive oil triple infused with organic Chaparral, sustainably wildcrafted in Joshua Tree (aka- creosote bush). 

This olive oil has been slow infused over a period of 6 months, strained and refreshed with new Chaparral every 6-8 weeks. This oil is a full spectrum infusion, with an earthy, green scent that has a very clear top note of the scent of the Mojave Desert after a cooling rain shower. 

This infusion has been triple strained to remove particulates and will contain the resins from the leaves and stems of the Chaparral, as well as pollens from the flowers, and other naturally occurring compounds. Known as a medicinal plant to many and having many uses due to its antiviral and antibacterial properties, this infusion can be used on the skin, or in hand made products of your choice. 


Please message if larger quantities are desired as it takes time to create and current inventory is limited. 


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