Chaparral Tincture- Desert Rain in a bottle

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 Organic Chaparral tincture, made with sustainably wildcrafted organic Chaparral and 80 proof ethanol. 

This tincture has been slow infused over a period of 3-6 months, strained and refreshed with both newly collected and previously collected dried Chaparral, every 2 weeks. This tincture is a full spectrum infusion, with an earthy, green scent that has a very clear top note of greenery, strongly supported with the true scent of desert rainfall, only available to us through this ancient, mysterious bush, known as the Chaparral.

This intense concentrated tincture has been triple strained to remove most visible particulates but will contain the resins and other natural compounds from the leaves and stems of the Chaparral, as well as pollens from the flowers. Known as a medicinal plant to many and having many uses due to its antiviral and antibacterial properties, this tincture can be used in hand made products of your choice, as a base for parfums, lotions and salves.


Please message if larger quantities are desired as it takes time to create and current inventory is very limited. Product ships in a glass bottle with swing top closure in the 8 and 4 Oz sizes, unless specifically requested otherwise in email form. 



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