Joshua Tree Candle Company My 2 Scents - Joshua Blossom / JT Campfire - Amber Vessel

My 2 Scents - Joshua Blossom / JT Campfire

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Two Candles in One!

This gem colored vessel contains a divider that allows different fragranced candles to be poured into each half. Each side is a full 8 oz candle. When you are finished burning one scent, extinguish the flame, and allow wax to cool and harden (about 1 hour). Then flip it over to burn the second fragrance!

50 hours burn time each side. 100 hours total burn time.

Joshua Blossom: Our unique, intoxicating earthy and sweet aroma, of the magnificent Joshua Tree in bloom! earthy wood bottom notes, top notes of coconut and light white floral.
JT Campfire: This distinctive aroma of a warm desert campfire! you will be transported back to your JT adventure in your own home!

  • Premium blended soy wax
  • Double cotton core wicks
  • Wood lids


Why Joshua Tree Candle Co.? We hand pour all Joshua Tree Candles in small batches to ensure the highest quality. We handcraft our candles with local, premium blended soy wax, fine fragrance oils and cotton-core wicks. We hand pour all of our candles right here in our craft studio in Joshua Tree California!

Please Burn Responsibly