Oils, Extracts, and More

Joshua Tree has some of the worlds most diverse and rare plant and wildlife within its borders. 

From the alien looking Joshua Trees, to the crafty long eared jack rabbits, from the wild tortoises, to the multi-use prickly pear cactus, its impossible to not see the rich bounty this landscape hosts. We have Green Mojave rattle snakes crossing sandy dunes, and the ancient chapparal constantly stretching its twisted branches outwards and upwards, crowding out any competitive nearby vegetation.

We at JTC love and respect our vast desert environment, and have spent years studying its nature, learning its secrets, and finding its treasures. 

We are excited to embark on a journey to bring some of these treasures to you thru a missive of ethical and sustainable collection and wildcrafting of the natural bounty found only here in Joshua Tree.

We use only organic products whenever possible in our oils, lotions, extracts and tinctures, and are fully transparent on ingredients when organic simply isn't an option. 

You will find many of the new products to be an ever-changing offering, as working with nature is unpredictable and time consuming. Our dedication to doing no harm to our environment while wildcrafting is never ceasing, and our joy is bringing the true essence of Joshua Tree, and the Mojave Desert, to you, thru hand making thoughtful and well crafted products. 

So stay tuned and check in often, we will be adding some fun and inspiring new products very soon!